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Whether enjoying sunset vistas or star-filled nights, The Loft offers a stunning backdrop for enjoying world-class cuisine, hand-crafted cocktails, and carefully selected wines while soaking up unparalleled views of Skopje. Our Chef delivers ingredient-driven, classy meals prepared using only the freshest ingredients. Our team will make sure your visit is a unique and pleasant experience, not leaving much to be desired.


One picture tells a thousand words. There is one place where one view tells a lot more. Created for perfection! Feel a different perspective and taste of the city!


Best Place in Skopje
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This high class rooftop restaurant and bar with awesome views of the city is one of the best places in town to meet some of Skopje’s beautiful people, dine on quality international food, drink classy drinks and listen to music from some of the most respected young DJs and others in Macedonia and abroad. As night descends on the city, The Loft becomes more of a club than a classic restaurant.
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Call us +389 71 272 000 or write to us on our Facebook page and we will accomodate you.
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